Our Journey

Our Heritage

Descendants of Chinese origin from the Province of Canton. Born in Hai Phong, Hanoi , North Vietnam. We came to England as Vietnamese refugees in the 1980s. When we arrived I was only 3, we had nothing. Our parents (aged 40 & 36) encouraged us to work hard and embrace opportunities that may come our way in our new found home.

With no language skills and formal qualification recognised in this country they took up skilled/manual jobs and saved up for our first family business – a Takeaway with my eldest brother being the main chef and the remaining family members helping out when we can. This was our first taste of working life and an insight into creating flavoursome dishes from traditional family recipes.

At the tender age of 14 I learnt how to blend the ingredients to create the unique flavours and textures of each sauce to give good mouth feel and dining experience.

Our range of sauces pays homage to our heritage and the influences from our journey from the East to the West and our travel adventures around the world.


Our sauces are derived from traditional family recipes capturing the quintessential flavours of their origin. Using the unique blend of finest local organic ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes to promote fresh healthy eating and catering for those who suffer from food intolerances and allergens.

Working with experts in the field and through our own personal experience, the sauces are suitable for all consumer including Vegans, Gluten intolerance and allergen sufferers.

All our sauces are free from additives, preservative, No animal by-product, No GMO and No MSG, its also low in salt.

Our Company Ethos:

Local sourcing

All our sauces are produced in the UK using the finest organic ingredients, fresh locally sourced produce and services mainly from UK suppliers. This ensures we keep the supply chains short and standards high with quality we can trust supported by our rigorous system of controls and auditing.

Ensuring quality

The safety and authenticity of our products and ingredients is further endorsed and testing carried out by experts in the field of allergens and microbiologists.

Taking responsibility

Reducing our environmental footprint is a key priority for us. Using fewer natural resources and generating less waste is good for the planet and helps us reduce our costs and become more efficient.

Ethical by nature

We are equally focused on championing high ethical standards throughout the supply chain from our approach to sourcing ingredients to the way we treat our people.

Mao Foundation

5% of the company’s profit goes into Mao Foundation. A charity set up in honor of our late father Ky Le Mao.
Mao foundation is set up to help those most vulnerable and in need. Where funding is not available elsewhere. The aim of the charity is to reduce poverty and to improve the lives of others.
Any excess produce we are committed to provide to local food banks and charities to reduce wastage and poverty.

We are also working with other local charities to create new opportunities for others.